Anyone familiar with Liverpool will know that we like to confound outsiders with odd sayings and expressions. This website is no different! Locals should have no problem with the categories but for those who need some assistance, here’s a helpful translation.

Boss: Not your manager, but a word used when something is pretty darned good. Posts in this category are things we think you should go out of your way to see, read, listen to, play or otherwise encounter in your day to day life.

Swerve: And of course, the antithesis of the “Boss” category. Avoid the subjects of this category at all costs!

Know Worra Mean?: Stereotypically, we Scousers are a mouthy, gobby people. This is a frequently used phrase that, in the Queen’s, means “Know What I Mean?” We like to say it at the end of sentences containing a strong opinion or assertion. In other words, these posts are opinion pieces – that you may not necessarily agree with!

Get Onto This: You know that moment when you realise something is happening but you’re not sure any of your mates have also realised? That’s when you turn and ask them, “Are you onto that?” It’s also used as a recommendation to check something out.

Tune!: Cried out, drunkenly, in many bars when a song of epic proportions is played. A song so good that everyone just starts singing along to it. Of course, there are times someone says “Tune!” and you won’t have heard of the song. This category serves to fulfil both circumstances – relive classics and encounter new material for your collection.


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