Welcome to Super Scouse Adventures!

You may be wondering to yourself, what on Earth is all this nonsense about? If this is the case, please continue to read…

Simply, this is a site about the finer things in life. Maybe not important, but what is awesome, not necessarily limited to one particular medium, genre or time. If you were born in the eighties then it’s going to help you out – if not, then you can appreciate them from your own perspective!

From SNES games, adventure books and John Carpenter films, all the way to Duncan Jones, Spaced and iPhone apps, this site encompasses the cultural artefacts of a certain discerning taste, set amidst the city of Liverpool. Not sure if it’ll be to your liking? The only way to find out is to get stuck in and find out!

Get involved – leave a comment, send a Tweet, hurl some abuse…it’s all good in the hood.



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